Bright Pink Metallic Rods

  • $8.00

These metallic rods are simply stunning! Shiny, bright and PINK - what a way to make your cakes and treats stand out from the rest!

The metallic rods are approximately 2cm long. With a centre made from raw pasta, they are edible - however as they are primarily for decoration, we suggest they are removed from your treats before consuming. 

Our metallic rods are supplied in 50g resealable bags and are heat sealed for freshness!

NOTE: Please be aware that these rods can be a choking hazard. Small children should be supervised at all times by an adult whilst consuming desserts with rods as decoration. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat semolina, Colours (silver metal, Erythrosine), Arabic gum, Gelatin, Shellac. These rods do contain gluten.